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Damac Lagoons
When one thinks of groundbreaking architectural marvels paired with unparalleled luxury in Dubai, Damac Properties invariably comes to mind. With a plethora of premium projects under its belt, Damac has once again outdone itself with the introduction of Damac Lagoons.
About Damac Lagoons
Damac Lagoons is a unique blend of contemporary architecture and natural beauty. It’s not just a residential enclave, but an expansive community designed around a series of pristine lagoons. Imagine stepping out of your home to the soothing sounds of gentle waters, or taking an evening stroll along a lagoon’s edge — that’s the dream Damac Lagoons brings to reality.
A complex of elegant villas and townhouses that combine modern luxury and centuries-old Moroccan traditions.
Townhouses in an atmospheric Greek style, symbolizing the luxury of Mediterranean life on the picturesque island of Mykonos
An authentic Mediterranean atmosphere inspired by the vibrant nightlife and natural beauty of Ibiza
Townhouses and villas resembling the French Riviera, surrounded by olive trees, beaches, and pools
Premium-class houses in the Spanish style, located in a cluster perfect for extreme sports enthusiasts.
Elite townhouses and villas with echoes of the atmosphere of Italian Portofino in a co-working and communication zone
Costa Brava
Monte Carlo
The real estate in the Monte Carlo cluster is represented by elegant townhouses with 4 and 5 bedrooms
Townhouses and villas in the most romantic area of the community with Venetian canals and waterfront cafes
Cozy townhouses and villas in an area reminiscent of Malta, the best place for families with children
Premium-class residences in the style of Santorini, located near the beach, a floating cinema, and a socializing area
Luxurious townhouses in the Spanish style, inspired by the exquisite atmosphere of an elite Mediterranean resort
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Strategically constructed around what will be the world’s largest airport, Dubai South is an inclusive and cohesive community supported by a smart and sustainable environment.
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